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Amateur Whale Research Kit

Perform your own amateur whale research in your home. Great for kids (blood-proof aprons not included).



(photo by by BocaDorada via Flickr)

Now you too can perform the exacting and extremely technical foodological science of whale research as practiced by the IWDR. The high-quality equipment you see in the picture is similar to that used in our very efficient Japanese science laboratories, that are working hard to eliminate the threat of an overpopulation of dangerous terrorist whales.

In your research kit, you will receive (refer to the numbered items in the picture):

  1. specimen mat
  2. eatological rods
  3. shield for protection against liquid splash
  4. tastomatic analyser
  5. dissection scalpel (can also slice through a steel can)
Send email to (the Japanese Institute of Cetacean Research

) for your free kit.





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